Dutch Colony Coffee

• Visual Identity
• Packaging
• Website Design
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Dutch Colony Coffee Co.


Brewing a fresh and new brand identity

As Dutch Colony Coffee Co. humbly grew, we partnered with them to initiate a rebrand through its major touch points. Dutch Colony Coffee Co. wanted to revitalised their brand with a modern touch.

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New Vision
Brewing moments, inspiring relationships

Dutch Colony Coffee Co. brand was first developed at PasarBella which has a rustic farmer's market look & feel. As the brand grew in popularity and expanded their reach to more locations, they decided to do a brand refresh with a stronger vision to connect its coffee to people.

When coffee meets design

We know how much care and craft the folks at Dutch Colony Coffee Co. put in their coffee and products so we made sure to design the packagings to represent that.

Making your own Dutch Colony coffee at home

Dutch Colony Coffee Co. wanted to make their products even more accessible to their customers so we not only redesigned their website but turned it into an e-commerce site too.

With the launch of the new website, Dutch Colony Coffee Co. emerges as a modern, current, and digital brand.

Celebrating every milestone

Apart from the core visual identity, we also designed their anniversary series where they would launch special coffee blends and limited-edition merchandises.

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