Goodwood Park Hotel

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Goodwood Park Hotel


Maintaining a heritage brand in an ever-changing world

How does an iconic hotel stay relevant in an ever-evolving hospitality industry? Goodwood Park Hotel faces strong competition from new entrants, and the need to engage new audience while retaining its classic colonial splendour. We dug deeper into its roots and what makes them stand out.

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A lush oasis in the heart of the city

Situated in a landscaped garden on Scotts Road, the highly distinguished heritage hotel in Singapore dates back to 1900. Goodwood Park Hotel is an endearing pioneer of Singapore's tourism landscape. It is truly a legacy and we made sure to bring that into the brand.

Look & Feel
Celebrating timeless elegance

In its bicentennial year, we created a significant tagline, titled ‘Legacy’,  to establish its golden timeline retaining the old and connecting the new era in this day and age.

Create an oasis of calm and charm at the crossroads of a civilisation, every design is carefully chosen. Each design has to be uniquely Goodwood Park Hotel.

Mooncake festival through the years

Every year, Goodwood Park Hotel would have their own chef maestro handcrafting some of the most exclusive mooncakes. And we had the privilege to design the packagings for consecutive years.

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