Finest Gourmet

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FairPrice Group


The newest addition to the FairPrice supermarket family - Finest Gourmet

Singapore's beloved supermarket brand, FairPrice, introduced Finest Gourmet to cater to the higher-end markets. Bringing fresh, premium and choice selections from trusted sources and artisans around the world. Unlike all the other FairPrice supermarkets, Finest Gourmet aims to be a gourmet destination for chefs, connoisseurs and passionate individuals of the finest culinary ingredients. 

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The Challenge
How do we differentiate Finest Gourmet from the existing FairPrice Finest?

First we identified the positioning of Finest Gourmet together with the consumer branding team at FairPrice. We then began the design exploration process by creating visual stylescapes. This helped give us an overview of the look & feel and we were able to pinpoint the similarities and differentiators between the two brands.

Brand touchpoints
Scalable designs

Throughout the design process we had both print and digital touchpoints at the top of our minds. We developed an array of templates so that the other vendors can adapt the brand identity easily. These templates include in-store posters, signages, header boards, and digital media templates.

Brand & visual identity

Combining warm colour tones, clean typography, and intricate illustrations, we created a premium identity for Finest Gourmet. We used a hexagon graphic shape to hold all the aesthetic elements together.

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Social Media

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