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Digital marketing for one of Singapore's iconic brand

A bold and creative social content strategy for JUMBO Group of restaurant brands. JUMBO Group aims to improve their digital presence so they partnered with us to help them strategise, plan, and generate contents both for organic and paid campaigns for their four brands.

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Wait, there's more than one brand?

The four brands under the JUMBO Group of restaurants each has their own identity, tone of voice, and target audience. We identified the types of contents and mediums each target audience would respond to the best, while making sure that the content remains engaging and exciting.

Digital Content
Bringing the contents to life

Working closely with our clients, we planned the content calendar around their marketing beats. We proposed a range of contents in different categories such as brand stories, promotions, behind-the-scenes about the dishes, highlighting the customers, and so on.

We applied a variety of methods to portray each content - graphics, photography, videos, or engaging with customers through the platforms' mediums like IG stories, reels, and so on.

We love seeing how each content performs

We reviewed data analytics retrieved from the digital marketing campaigns, and gave recommendations to our clients at JUMBO Group. Our analysis cover engagement, reach, and conversion. With these data we fine-tune our digital marketing strategy to improve the results.

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