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A night mask that rejuvenates your skin while you're asleep.

A new skincare technology comprising of two complimentary products: an anti-ageing night mask and a silk pillowcase which delivers active ingredients to the skin throughout the night. It does the work while you're asleep. Victor is backed by crowd-funding.

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Branding a complex technology with a fun personality

Develop a sophisticated yet fun skincare brand with a persona called Victor. He is both a product and a brand personality. By creating this persona we were able to play with the narrative of Victor as a person that everybody wants to wake up next to.

Brand launch

Slept with Victor and #wokeuplikethis

Apart from the brand identity, we helped our client set up a landing page where customers can sign up for the mailing list. We helped create buzz through social media as well as designed e-newsletters to keep Victor's customers up-to-date with production process of the product.

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